29 april, 2013

Getting old & a Dr. Bianca advice how to stay postive!

Hello loves,
As you might know, my birthday was two days ago, I'm now 21 years old. And yes, mark that "OLD" word. Every year I'm suprised how fast time is flying, it's like I snapped with my fingers and BAM it's my birthday again. Last year I was so busy with graduating, and here I am now.
 I had a really nice, relaxing birthday. The family came over, and that means birthdaypresents! I asked money, for my big birthdaypresent aka a UKELELE! I already own a acoustic guitar by Takamine (G-series), and since I quit with my guitarlessons I play so much more guitar.  Quite often I wanted to play songs who are originally played by an ukelele, but on a acoustic guitar the sound is so much different. That's the reason why I got one for my birthday! It's a Lanikai one. I really have to get used to playing it, because it's sooooooo small. It kind of hurts on my arm, and the chords are different than the chords I'm used to on my guitar.. 

  I also bought a small birthdaypresent for myself a few weeks ago, which was inspired by Zozeebo her blogpost about it (http://zoella.co.uk). I ordered this golden bracelet, which says "YES". I ordered it from Creative Design by Thao. It was the first time I ordered something from Etsy, and I must say I'm very satisfied how all the ordering went and how safe it was. You can just make a Paypal account (with your creditcard, or with your bankaccount), and then pay safely through it. Etsy even makes the shipping costs as well, so you pay it all together at once.  The reason why I ordered the yes-bracelet (there are other words as well in the shop), is because I want to take more risks by saying yes to new things.  Sometimes I say No too fast, and later I regret that I didn't say yes. The other reason is to believe in myself in situations where I think I can't do it. Anyhow I got an amazing birthday :)

The next thing I want to talk about is "How to stay positive". Sounds like I'm a doctor or something, and I know everything. But I just want to give you some tips about it. 
  If you know me personally, if something goes wrong, it can completely change my mood from positive to negative. Maybe you have this as well, or maybe you don't. Or if you sometimes have a bad day, or even a bad week. How to become positive again? Or how to stay positive. Because sometimes thats hard to do. The last 4 months, since I'm back from Bali were quite negative for me. I searched for a job, and it was hopeless. So you kind of get in this "negative" mood quite a lot, because you are all the time at home.
  I decided it was time to do something about it. I found some inspiration from the dutch Flow Magazine. The things I did were:
1.  Get a piece of paper, and I wrote: "I'm Thankful for..." on it. Every night I write 3 things on it, related to the things I did on the day. Even the small things help, like I'm thankful for the sun, food, water, my family, my sister etc. Every night I'm reading it out to myself, and it really helps! 
2. The other thing I did was; I made little notes with things I'm proud of, and put them on my wall. Make sure you put them on a spot where you can see them everyday.
Like I'm proud of my trip to Bali, or I'm proud of the grades I got at school today.  
3. Try to block the negative thoughts in your small or large brain. If you notice you are thinking negative and worrying too much, block them straight away. No cheating. 

So I hope you enjoy these little tips, if you don't, let me know .And if you have even better tips, feel free to comment me them as well, how do you stay positive?

So that was my second blogpost already. I still didn't receive any Tumblr-pictures (see previous blogpost), so please feel free to email me. If I still don't receive them, I will just pick random ones who I found hard to find and feature them. 

Be sure to follow me on my blog, because today I got some pretty exciting news. I get to interview a certain person, and I'm gonna write a article about a certain subject. Very clear right? You will get more details soon!

See you next week!

Muchios loves,

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