18 april, 2013

Back on track.

SO finally after like 5 months of not blogging, I'm finally back on track with this thang! (Hopefully). This time in English, not because I'm thinking about a world domination with my blog, no (maybe). But I have a few friends from across the world, who are maybe also interested to read my blogs. I changed from English to Dutch, and now from Dutch to English back again. And I have to say, my english is not that good. So please forgive me. If you still want a dutch version, then you can call me and I will explain the whole thing.
So last time I wrote my blog, I was supernervous for my trip to Bali, and now I'm already for almost 4 months back in Holland. Am I already used to things? Yes and No. Some things you just never get used too. Like the kindness of people over there, and the openminded Balinese culture. Maybe I just insulted you, person behind this screen. But it's true, they care for each other. Even if they don't know each other, they will help each other. Maybe only for the money, if you are a tourist, but if you are Balinese, they will care about you. It's like a big family, living on a small island. I explained it many times to the children in my class on the school I worked on in Bali, how people in Holland just walk pass each other and sometimes don't even look at you. They are too busy with their own lives, just like me. And the children looked at me like I was joking. So this trip to Bali did change me kind of. Like, worrying too much about stupid things. And I'm trying to be more openminded, to care more for people I don't know. Even the small things, in the supermarket, or walking on the street. To start with a simple hello to strange people or to help them. It sounds cliché, but really it makes you happy and the other person too!
The second thing I learned from my trip, is to really believe in yourself. Sounds again cliché, and so easy to say. But you can reach so many more things, if you do believe. I read so many times this sentence, and I thought it was bullshizzle. But really, do things that make you believe in yourself.
   Well, I can write a whole list about all the things I learned over there, but if you really want to know more about my trip, just feel free to ask!
So back to my blog. 4 months ago I started this blog with a other name, but as you can see I changed it to GOTTALOVETODAY.  So I changed it to this new name, the new name is inspired by my tumblr blog (http://gottalovetoday.tumblr.com). The concept is kind of the same, I share my taste of art, photography, fashion, music and travelling on here, but in a more personal & creative way than on my tumblr. Also I will write more on here about personal things.
The other thing I want to do on my blog is this; a few weeks ago I had this new idea which is inspired by Tumblr. As you know, I'm a big fan of weird, rare and crazy fashionstuff, accessorize or even interiorthings I find on Tumblr. But the thing is, I never know where I can buy it. So my late addiction is to try to find where I can buy it. Maybe you have this problem as well, so thats what I want to do this on my blog. You, reader of my blog can email me, comment me a link of a picture of a thing you don't know where it's from and I will try to find it & will feature it on my blog. If it's very expensive or if the webshop is not worldwide, I will try to do a DIY-project about the feature product. Maybe you think, I can search it by my own you know. That 's true. But if you are as lazy as I am, you will forget about it. And the thing is, you make me happy by helping a person out, and I make you happy by finding where the item is from. So 2 happy faces :)

Another thing you will see on my blog is my photography. Last week I made some pictures of my cat Ed. He's all grown up now. In case you didn't know before I went to Bali in November, we just got a new cat. So he was very young when I left. My neighboors cat is in these pictures too. It's his best buddy. In case you didn't knew, I'm deeply in love with cats.

So after I cleared some things up, I'm very excited to start blogging for REALZ now. :)
I hope you are as excited as I am. ;)

Much love, B.

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