19 mei, 2013

The Youtube sensation

Hello you there on the worldwide web,
After watching so many videos on Youtube every day, it almost seems like a normal thing to do these days. But did you know there are actually really talented people on Youtube? They started with a simple silly video, uploaded it and who would know that it would become history after a few years? 5000 subscribers to 500000 subscribers, and some of them even made it their job. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you are really missing out on something. I'm talking about the new generation; YoutubersThey become succesfull, they will upload weekly videos to their Youtube channel, they get invited to special Youtube events, and meet other Youtubers as well. Friends are made. VoilĂ , a collaboration video is in process. Reviews of beauty products, make up tutorials, funny videos, documentary videos and lifestyle videos. I could go on and on. Maybe you are not so suprised by all these Youtube sensations, but I am. I find it very fascinating how all these people are living their dream, and they all started with a simple video. They decided to go for it, start their own kind of brand. From a simple computer to all these people on the worldwide web. Some of them even run a blog beside their Youtube channel, they started with a blog and now they are even succesfull on Youtube.
 The thing what I noticed of all these people is that they all have a huge passion for something, and they do what they love. So many talented people are now discovered through Youtube. They are doing what makes them happy, that's the thing that fascinates me the most. All these succesfull people get so many awesome new opportunities with the success they made with their Youtube channel. The thing is, they even learn from their own mistakes in videos they have made over the past. They learn different techniques for editing, or for even making sets. They learn how to use their skills with their own creativity, without hiring a "official" professional. They do it all by themselfes, with the help of friends.
It seems like everything is possible these days.

That's the reason why I wanted to interview that certain person, aka a Youtuber.  To get a tiny snippet how it's like to be a Youtuber, and the impact the worldwide web has.
 I got the chance to do this
interview with Theodora Lee (youtube.com/stelliesdram2010). If you don't know who Theodora is, she is well known as the sister of the Youtube sensation Caspar Lee (youtube.com/dicasp). But no, she's not only "the sister of" kind of thing. She's very talented, and is now making her own success with her own Youtube videos. Very funny videos, I must say.  And between the two of us, it was Theodora who started making videos in the first place ;)

1. I think the thing what people want to know is, who started first officially making videos? You or your brother? 

 I begun making videos back when I was about 14. I used Windows Movie maker and I would put photos and films together to a pop song I liked. I then uploaded it to my bebo profile which we all had back then! Caspar was never really into film until he was about 16 when he and his mates did a project for school where they had to film something. I think he suddenly got hooked!

2. What's the biggest reason why you started making videos on youtube? Like what do you want to reach with your videos? 

I started making the odd video for the fun of it and that's what I continue to do it for. Youtube is hard work if you want to do it properly and I am enjoying it as a part time job / hobby. It keeps me creatively fulfilled. 

3. What do you think of the fact that Youtubers meet other Youtubers? Do you think it has impact to the viewers of these Youtubers, that they will meet other people they only know online quicker? And what do you think of meeting persons you only know from the web in real life? 
This is a tricky question. I think it depends on the situation. But meeting up with other Youtubers usually works well because there is a clear common ground. I think it is important to share ideas even if it is just over the internet. However it shouldn't stand as an example as the right way to meet your friends. Online friendships are not ideal. People must not forget how to act socially in real life. There is a skill to it, which is different from being 'cool' online. People must realize that Youtubers might make friends online but they usually end up meeting and collaborating and form proper friendships with each other. This is very different to an online twitter DM relationship for example with someone you have never and will never meet.

4. If you had the chance, would you like to make Youtube videos as your job in the future? If not, why?
 I would love to make youtube videos as a job but I don't think I'd like to do it forever. The reason being is that things are changing and evolving all the time. I am a sucker for change because I like to keep on my toes. I also think that it is very much a place for younger people for now (and will probably continue to be in the years to come) and when I get a little older there will be other fresher faces out there!

5. Why do you think people are watching so many Youtubers videos these days? 
 I think people love the fact that they can build up their own network. It's like creating your own TV channel where you choose the coolest shows that you'd like to watch. It's also more instant than TV - there are no ads really (you can just skip them) and you can watch what you want, when you want! 

6. Where do you get your inspiration from for your videos?
 I get my inspiration from real life. I obviously got inspired by what Caspar was making and wanted to make videos that where short and comic. But other than that an idea can spark from anywhere. My viewers also inspire me. I like to get into their heads and figure out what they'd like to see next. I try to keep my content as relatable as possible. 

                                                                                                                   Theodora & Caspar Lee.

7.  Who are your favourite Youtubers you love to watch? 
 I love to watch Ben Cook, Kick the PJ, Caspar, Sophiesayshuzzah, Georgie Goullee, Derrick Watts and The Sunday Blues, Jack and Finn, Laura Bubble and Ella Grace!

8. How long does it take to make one youtube video? From making it to editing, to the finish?
 It usually takes 3 days of working on and off. Filming usually takes the quickest and then the editing can take from 3 - 12 hours depending on the video. I always find the uploading the most  stressful! Suddenly you are live and you notice that something is wrong with the video and you have to act quickly and under pressure. But it's all fun!

9.  What do you like the most of meeting a viewer/fan?
 I like it that I can thank them for watching me in real life and it is nice to see viewers in the flesh. You don't actually realize the impact of your videos until you meet some of your viewers. It gives you the boost that you need to carry on I guess!

10.  How do you see the future with all these Youtubers who are making all these videos? 
I see them getting jobs in advertising, website development, TV and movies and beyond! I think they have all acquired a lot of skills through youtube that they can bring with them out into the big wide world!

11. What is your message to the people who don't know anything about this "hype" around youtubers/youtube videos?
 I'd say; get an account and discover the fast world of online video! It doesn't mean that you have to watch the most popular youtubers/ videos. You can search for videos that you personally are interested in. There is so much out there just waiting to be viewed and enjoyed!

12. Last but not least, what do you like the most about making videos?
 I like that you can take complete creative control of your videos (control freaks love it!) Haha. But can literally write, film, act and produce your videos as you like! Also there are no limits. You can do whatever you want and it costs you nothing! You learn so much just by experimenting and creating, it's incredible!. 

Looks like we have to keep an eye out for Theodora, I think she has a very strong creative mind who knows what she wants.  I really want to thank her for this interview.
Be sure to watch her videos (http://youtube.com/stelliesdram2010), and to check her blog out (http://www.theodoralee.com). Below is a video of Theodora, it's my favourite one.

I hope you there, reading this behind your screen, enjoyed this post. I hope I (and Theodora) inspired you to make maybe your own videos, or to do something what makes you happy even you think it's impossible. Let me know what that thing is, what makes you oh so happy! I would love to know.  

Muchios gracias, 

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