06 december, 2013

Gotta love inspirations part 2

Gotta Love Inspirations

As I promised you, here is my second post with my Gotta Love Inspirations feature. For the readers who dont have a clue where this is about; it's a monthly thing where I express my inspirations from the last 4 weeks. This can be songs, photography, or anything else what inspired me these weeks ;)
Maybe you noticed (I mentioned it before in my posts) but I will make more dutch posts.  This doesn't mean my english posts will dissapear. Anyhow, back to my inspirations.
I must say when I made this post, I had to think about what my inspirations were for these past 4 weeks. 
These weeks flew by, and I've been so busy with school. I almost can't remember what else was on my mind!
BUT I figured it out, so here we go! :) 


The first thing I'm obsessed these past 4 weeks is the new album of Little Mix titled "Salute". I already ordered it for myself, and I can't wait till I can blast in my car on the way to my work. The second thing is, I'm completely in love with their musicvideo MOVE, it has the girlpower all over again. 

The second thing is the "Story of my life". Yes, I'm 21 years old and I listen to One Direction. I always struggle with liking this band, but hey if I want to listen it who cares anyhow? This song is incredible, and as well this video. Call me cheesy, but I do not care. If you are listening to this, make sure to listen to their song "You and I" and "Don't forget where you belong", which is on their album "Midnight Memories". And "Don't forget where you belong" is even written by my favorite band Mcfly. 

Okay, Lady Gaga her new album isn't the album I expected from her.  But I think she at least deserves some credit for this catchy song. When I saw R. Kelly his name I must admit I was like: NO! Lady Gaga! What the hell were you thinking? Throughout the song I kind of liked his voice, so in the end she still made a good decision with doing a song together with him.  I say A+ for her.


Finally I finished the book "The Fault in our Stars". It took me 6 months, blame school for taking me so long to finish it! I shared a tear while reading the end, and if you are sometimes so sick of your life then read this book. It will totally open your mind about life, and (cheesy here again) your point of view. John Green shows you how your world would be if you have an illness what in the end will kill you. 


I looked through my photos which I reblogged on my Tumblr page (gottalovetoday.tumblr.com). I noticed a lot of pictures were smiliar to the same color range and same vibe. I put them all together and then this creation came out. I kind of really like this one, because of the chique vibe with the blue color combination. People always say "Blue Monday" which stands for depression, but blue has always been a bright new color for me. 

So these were my inspirations part 2. I'm quite enjoying this feature, I hope you do too. I as well like the fact I'm making more blogposts now, I truly enjoy making them :) Before I forget to mention, the first week of the Christmas holidays will be very special. Because I will make a special Christmas Blogpost feature, which will include every day a post with a total of 6 blogposts! :) I will make them with some of my friends. So look out for that, because I'm really looking forward to it by myself.

Thank you for reading this post, and I will see you very soon!
Much love, B. 

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