29 januari, 2014

Gotta love inspirations part 3

Gotta Love Inspirations part 3.
It's that time of the month again to share you my inspirations from these last past weeks! :) Hurray, hurraaay! I must admit I've been quite lacking with these inspirations posts. But the holidays are over now, so I'm back again! 

As I told you in my last (dutch) blogpost, I'm addicted to nailpolish. But I'm not able to buy any new nailolish at the moment. For the people who don't know where this is about: I'm challenging myself to not buy any clothes/accessoires or nailpolish untill the 5th of April! But before January began, I bought a lot of new nailpolishes (luckily). One of them was the Bourjois Golden Flakes. My friend Laura requested it, and the minute I saw it I knew I was in love. It almost looks the same as "The Man with the Golden Gun" nailpolish from Opi with 18k gold. But it's less expensive. For the dutch readers, you can just find it at the Etos shop.


I've been listening to so many awesome songs, so it's hard to pick 3 musicartists I'm loving right now! (I always pick 3 artists). But I did it anyway! So here we goooo. 

1. Vampire Weekend
It was my brother his birthday 2 weeks ago and he played the "new" (for me it was new) record of Vampire Weekend. It's called: "Modern Vampires of the City". Since then I've been playing it everyday for a whole week while I was studying. My favourite songs are "Ya Hey" and "Diane Young".  Apparently the video of Diane Young was released on the 3th of Juny, so it's not THAT new. But who cares anyway. 

"Diane Young"

2. The Sam Chase
This inspiration is a combination with the videos of Jacksgap. Jacksgap is a Youtube channel and they have been to India to enter the Rickshaw Run. If you are not sure what this is all about, check their youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JacksGap. But what has The Sam Chase to do with Jacksgap? Well it's a band and their song was in one of Jacksgap their videos of the Rickshaw Run. It's an amazing song. So check it out.

"In a perfect world"

3. The Vamps.
Yes, The Vamps guys. It's a guilty pleasure for sure. It's like One Direction but with instruments as my friend quoted. And it's true! The song "Can we dance" is already released for a while and their new single "Wild Heart" is as beautiful as the title sounds. Did I mention they're  supporting Taylor Swift, when she is doing a concert in London? Check yes. 

"Wild heart"


This is a moodboard I made from all of my favorite photos I reblogged on Tumblr these past months. It's quite dramatic with all the pink in it, but that's why I love it so much. When I was younger I loved wearing pink clothes, but since I'm a bit older I don't wear pink clothes. Which is sometimes quite sad, because I used to love to wear it! On the other hand it's quite magically and sparkly. Sparks fly, whenever you smile like Tswift quoted in one of her songs. 

So that's my Gotta Love Inspirations part 3 already. I hope you still love these inspirations blogs as much I do. If you would like to see other inspirations topics than the ones I used, then let me know! :) 
I've got some awesome new ideas for my blog for 2014 and I can't wait to share them all with you. 
Before I forget I would like to thank you for reading my blogposts, because last week I hit 3000 views, which is amazing! So thank you for reading them. It means the world to me ;)

See you next time! ;)

Much love, 

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