05 januari, 2014

Newyear's resolutions.

Aloha :)
It's that time of the year again where we discuss how awesome our year was and to start our newyear's resolutions! Yay! Well, that was a little sarcastic because I don't feel like writing how awesome my year was to you. Because one: I don't think you are interested in this. Two: I did this almost every year on this blog and I'm almost too embarassed when I read them back (sadly you can't read them back, because I deleted them for you, you are welcome). I always get way too cheesy with writing it so I'm just gonna skip that part! BUT I do feel like sharing my newyear's resolutions/goals, because I feel like I want to do many new things in 2014. So stay with me on this. No going back to that youtube video you were watching before clicking this link. NO! So let's do this thang;

1. Be on time. 
I'm talking about be on time for school and when I meet with friends. Since I just moved again, I live quite far from the center of the city so I always get late. Or when I have to catch a train.

2. Do awesome things. 
Yes, I'm talking about new awesome things I never did before. And I must do this every once within 2 weeks. I already came up with one which I'm gonna reveal later on hehe.

3. Try to concentrate more on positive things instead of the negative things. 
Lately I've been only focussing on the negative side of things, while I can turn that around to the positive side of things. Life would be so much better.

4. Try new hairstyles/clothingstyles.
Well if you know me personally you know that I love to try new clothingstyles. Last year I even tried new hairstyles, but this year I want to do the same. I really loved to experiment with these things. One thing I want to try is to dye my hair in to a really light blond hair color. But if I do this, I want to do it properly and good at my hairdresser. At this moment I don't have the money for it, so it's a goal for this year :)

5. Spend way (WAAAY) less money on stupid things I don't need (like nailpolish). 
I've been so obsessed with buying new nailpolishes these last months. My friend Laura is obsessed with nailpolish and since she became my friend I'm obsessed with it too. But I really have to spend less money on things I don't need. It's not only nailpolish but as well other things I buy way too much. 
So I need to save more money. ;)

A moodboard of 2013 :)

Well I just came up with this awesome idea who has something to do with buying less stupid things (two resolutions in one!). I'm not going to buy clothes for 3 MONTHS! With clothes I also mean no accessorize, shoes or nailpolish. (Make-up is okay). So untill the 5th of April I'm not going to spend money on these things I just mentioned. I'm super excited because I'm really curious how I can handle this experience. Maybe you think 3 months is NOTHING, but trust me for me it is! I spend way too much money on clothes.  

SO did you already made your newyear's resolutions? Tell me in the comments what your resolutions are! :)

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! And for the dutch readers you can read my previous blogposts if you are bored. I posted 5 special ones for Christmas! :) See you next time ;)
Much love,

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